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His sire, the magnificent thoroughbred HAND IN GLOVE has an extraordinary sporting: falt racing, Dressage (level St Georges) & Grand Prix World Cup (7th G.P. CSIW The Oaks -$100 000). Never seen before !
His father BEST TURN has produced in the US winning thoroughbreds in CSI-W like MVP and in CDI like Shinning Moment. Which proves that the thoroughbreds out of BEST TURN inherited good movement and good jumping skills.
HAND IN GLOVE inherited both of these qualities and in turn passes them onto his offspring.
TURN TO his grand sire is also that of the famous cross breeding stallions like LUCKY BOY (Holland), COUNT IVOR & RUBLOFF in France.

The dam of HAND IN GLOVE, MISS BETTY, is a daughter of the american crack BUCKPASSER,well known for his cold temperament and toughness.
MISS BETTY has produced 4 classic winners (races of Gr. I & II).She is the 3/4 sister of SETTLEMENT DAY,father of the thoroughbred FRENCH BUFFET (winner in CSI, champion of Chile), stallion in Holland and now in Ireland.
His grand dam is a daughter of DOUBLE JAY, grandfather also of the grey Olympic champion Olympique GEM TWIST.

HAND IN GLOVE started breeding in France in1992 and has been accepted by 15 studbooks.
He produces winners in all the different disciplines, CSO, CCE, CD and racing. He was in first place of sires of 4 yr olds (1st year of his offspring) in CSO in 1997.He is the sire of these international winners from his first breeding season: FRISCO MAIL CSI, FESTIVAL DE RIVER CSI, FAMOSO MAIL CCI, ICC 156, FREE STYLE CCI, ICC 173 (3rd World Champonships for 7 yr olds,Champion of France 2002,Silver team medal at the World Champioships 2002),JEANS GLOVE VARNEL ISO 167, 7th World Championships for 7yr olds at Lanaken ISO 167,
CSI in USA, SWANTE CSIO, World Championships at Aix La Chapelle for Argentina, JAGUAR MAIL ISO 165, Final OG Pekin,HOGGAR MAIL French 6 yera old champion, CSI in France and in Argentina ISO 145, GYPSY DE VOLSAIN CCI, ICC 156 (6th World Championships 6 yr olds), HIAWATHA BOREALIS CCI, ICC 150, HIPPOLYTE DU LYVET CCI, ISO 149, HERMES DU TERTRE CCI, ICC 147, HARLEQUIN DU MANET ICC 141, ILOS DE BOISY CSI in Switzerland, INFINITY winner in GP in Switzerland, IKAT MAIL CSIO and Italian Champion 2006, JOCONDE DE TRIBALLE CCI, ICC 162, JACQUARD CHAMPLOUE ICC 149, JESSY MAIL CCI-W, ICC 153, LAKSHMI DE BRUNS IDR141, Fresh Wind ISO 131, Gloria Mail ISO 130, HELIANTHE JOYEUSE IDR 142, IINDIGO DU SAPIN ISO 140, Fabuline IDR 124 (4th 5yr old Championships), LOLLIPOP DE LIGNIRES CCI, ICC 150, LORD DE LIGNIRES CCI, ICC 150 ( World Champion for 6 yr olds)and pre-selectionned for the Olympics etc ...
Father of the stallions,Grand Prix Globe (Argentine), Hand In Hand (USA) and Hoggar Mail.

His dam ADORET Z daughter fo the foundation stallion ALM, Hanovrienne mare-facteur SF, was 2 times the Supreme Champion of broodmares.
She has produced many other international winners:
- RODANT Z (1985 f bf Ramiro) Champion 5 yr olds Belgium and CSIO in Holland, broodmare at Zangersheide.
- CHERGAR MAIL (1990 m b Laudanum ps) CSIO, 2nd Nations Cup Rome, ISO : 165 ;
- FERGAR MAIL (1993 m b Laudanum ps) ISO : 135 at 5 in France, CSI in Mexico, stallion at La Silla, father of winners CSIO;
- HOGGAR MAIL (1995 m gr Hand In Glove ps) French 6yr old Champion 6 , ISO 144, CSI in France and in Argentina.
ELVIRA MAIL,(1992 f al br Laudanum ps) mother of :- JAGUAR MAIL (Hand In Glove ps) Sire of The World 2007, winner in CSIO, ISO 165, Finalist at the OG in Beijing 2008,- KATCHINA MAIL (Calvaro) winner of the Doubl Critrium and 6 year Champion 2004, top winner in CSI & CSIO, ISO 178, 14thin the world WBFSH 2008.
- LOREN MAIL (Alligator Fontaine) Finalist 4 yrs old, good winner in CSO Grand Prix 1m45, ISO 141.

His 3rd dam, GOLDRET, daughter of the foundation stallion GOTTHARD, produced the stallion RENOMMEE Z (Ramiro) sire of international winners and stallions in the Holstein ; Valombreuse (Duc de Ferc ps) IDR 125 ; Altyn Tagh (Laudanumps) mother of good winners, CSO.

GOLDRET is the direct sister to the champion GRAFF ridden by Harvey Smith (GB) in CSI.

HOGGAR MAIL was in the 5 year old final with Bruno Coutureau and then finalist and Champion of France at 6 years in 2001 with Patrice Delaveau.
Winner in CSI & CSIO in France (ISO 145)with P.Delaveau (victory at the CSIO Barcelona), then with Penelope Leprevost (3rd in the GP at Le Mans and 1st at the Normandy Horse Show).
He was based in Argentina in 2007 to breed where he continued his career in Grand Prix until 2008. He came home at the end of 2008 and will pick up his sport career in 2009.


Started to breed in 2002. Apoved by the sud books SF, SA, AAC.
His first generation of foals born in 2003 were dominated by PHILAE DE TOURTEL, finalist at 4years old , 13/14 clear rounds . Finalist at 5 classed Excellent, Champion of CIR for 5 yr olds at Pompadour and 11th in the final of 5 year olds in Lyon 2008, ISO 142.
PHARHENEIT also qualified for the 5 yers olf finals at Fontainbleau, ISO 127. PLAYER BONS SIRES ISO 119 5 ans. POESIE DES LONES ISO 133 (2012). PICK UP CHAUPRADE ISO 124 (2010). PAPRIKA DE BLONDEL ISO 139 (2012). PILAR MAIL ISO 125 (2011). QUORALYS DE TRIAVAL ISO 137 (2010). REINE DES KOEURS ISO 124 (2010), RIANE DEVEREZ ISO 121 (2011). QUOUGAR DU FOREZ winners in eventing ICC 133 (2012), REGARD DES LONES ICC 126 (2012).

HOGGAR MAIL is the sire of 3 horses winning in CCI, placed in the WBFSH ranking list 2011 :
QUEZAC DU GESNOIS CCI, ICC 147, 138th in the WBFSH ranking 2012.

Top price of 3 year olds at the TATABRA Farm auction in Argentina for TATABRA QUANTUM sold $35 000 for USA.

HOGGAR MAIL 's foals already bron in Argentina, Hungary, Ireland.

PHOTOS:1 Filly 2007. 2 Tatabra Quantum. 3 Polar Mail.

HOGGAR MAIL was a tall (1m75) and strong grey stallion with good length,des points de force,a strong bone structure and amplitude in his movement.
His remarkable pedigree, his model, his allures and his sporty aptitude make HOGGAR a stallion that breeders can use with many different types of broodmares depending on their goals.
He will give them good bone structure, good width and length and also strong backs.
Medium size mares, with a good bit of blood like some SF, KWPN, thoroughbred, Anglo-Arabes or AQPS are good for breeding horses for CSO or CCE.
HOGGAR is the sire of many good winners in Jumping & Eventing.

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