OLD - Bf - 1992-2017
4* 15 ans
Approuvé Stud-book : SF- AA-CR - SA - Z

  Quick Star sf
Galoubet A
Viti tf
Stella aa
Nithard aa
Flora aa
  Sevada Holst
Langraf I
Ladykiller PS
Las Vegas

QUALITY TOUCH really does have a pedigree remarkable and modern.
His pedigree is one of the most interesting on the international scene at the moment.
His sire QUICK STAR , a great winner in CSIO is a son of 2 famous international winners
QUICK STAR is one of the leading SF stallions in the world at the moment, sire of many winners in CSI including SPREHE STELLA, QUEBEC,HARRY POTTER, QUINERO 3, LOVE AFFAIR (185th WBFSH 2008), QUICK STUDY (75th WBFSH 2008) ou LADY DE SEMILLY (533th WBFSH 2008).
He is also the sire to many top finalists and winners at Fontainbleau 2008 in the French young horse championships for 4,5,6 and 7 yr old.

SEVADA, the dam of QUALITY TOUCH was a great winner of Grand Prix in Germany.
She is a daughter of LANDGRAF I (Ladykiller ps), one of the leading sires in the Holstein, father of many champions and stallions like LANDADEL or LIBERO H.
LANGRAF is also a great father of broodmares.
SEVADA, is also the mother of the famous CLASSIC TOUCH (Caletto II),OLYMPIC Champion Gold Medal at the OG in Barcelona.
SEVEDA has also produced the stallion CANDITO (Candillo) exported to Italy.
This family line in the Holstein (stamm 4025) has also given us the stallions LAGANO (Holst), SIR LORD (Z), LANCETTO (Holst), CALIGULA II (Holst), L'ACTEUR (SWB), WITHESNAKE (KWPN), COPENHAGEN and LARGO W (BWP, Z).

QUALITY TOUCH is not really a performing international stallion.'
Nervertheless he competed in the classic tour in Beligium at 4yrs old and was a finalist at Gèves.
Exported to Chile at 4 for $300 000, he competed at 5 and 6 at Grand Prix level.
He had a grave accident, and took a long time to recover. He never competed again.Sold to Argentina, he bred until 2006.
He arrived at Brullemail in 2007.
QUALITY TOUCH who we tested in both free and ridden jumping is an easy horse with a good mouth, lots of amplitude and influx and a very good technique in his front quarters (important for a son of QUICK STAR) and a strength in his back which is really impressive ! (Very QUICK STAR ! ).

« Two offsprings in the TOP WBFSH ranking in CSI et CCI in 2018 ! »

Approved by the Z stud book when he was 4 yrs old, QUALITY TOUCH is now also approved by the stud books SA,SF-A, & AA CR.
Exported to Chile when he was just 5 years old, Zangersheide kept some frozen semen of QUALITY TOUCH. That is how around 30 foals were born in Belgium.

In France in CSI : QUALIDAM (252e mondial en 2018) et en CCI : VENDÉE GLOVE JAC ICC 149, CCI (252e mondial 2018). Egalement en jumping QUALITY SHOW et VIRTUAL BOY DE SHELOA ISO 142 CSI (WBFSH 2018), ULIGA MAIL CSI, ISO 149, ULANDUS MAIL CSI 2* en Suisse, STAR GIRL ex ULIVA MAIL CSI aux USA, VIGO MAIL CSI en Suisse, QUINDIA KAIZEN Z ISO 143, VALERIA D’ALLOU ISO 140,  VEGAS ONE D’IVRAIE ISO 142, CACHEMIRE DE BRAIZE ISO 147 à 6 ans, Valkiri ISO 139, Vixroi St Simeon ISO 136, Valencia Chevrier ISO 133, Vade Mecum d'Eglefin ISO 135, Vanity Touch ISO 136, Velours de Ceran ISO 132, Amethyste du Valdecie ISO 138, D’Touch d’Orval ISO 134 à 5 ans et Urkawa Villa Rose ICC 135.
In the world : QUARTZ ADELHEIDE Z champion de France des 5 ans 2003 (ISO 149), CSI en Belgique et GB, QUARTZ 7 Z 16e du Championnat du monde des 7 ans à Lanaken puis CSI 4* et 5* en Allemagne (321e mondial WBFSH 2012), 2e du SIRE OF THE WORLD 2013 avec T. Rieskamp, QUALIFIED TOUCH CSI en Allemagne avec A. Pollmann, QUICK STEP HZ  avec R. Stroyberg, UPFRONT ex MAGNUS QUID MAIL CSI 5* avec L. Hough (USA).

PHOTOS : 1 Quartz Adelheid 1Z Champion des 5 ans, CSI. 2 Vallauris Mail (Mère Fergar Mail). 3 Foal Quality Touch-ISH mare. 4 Vanity Touch Top 30 des 4 ans en 2013.
5  - . 6- . 7 QUARTZ 7 Z, CSI 5*, 2e du SIRE OF THE WORLD 2013.

I discovered QUALITY TOUCH in Argentina in 2007.
QUALITY TOUCH is truly an interesting stallion as you will see.
His pedigree is remarkable and very much in fashion.
His sire QUICK STAR was a great winner in CSIO with Meredith Michaels.
He is one of leading stallions of the world at the present time.
QUALITY TOUCH is his best son breeding so far.

Also, QUALITY TOUCH is none othet than a direct brother of the famous CLASSIC TOUCH, Olympic Champion and Gold medal winner at the JO in Barcelona.
QUALITY TOUCH comes from an excellent family bringing the precious blood of GALOUBET, LANDGRAF and NITHARD together.
QUALITY TOUCH looks a lot like his famous grandfathers Galoubet and Landgraf. He has their size, their height, their good width, bone structure and influx.
He also has a little bit a similar head type.
Many different styles of mares can be breed with QUALITY TOUCH, as long as they have just a little touch of class. Mares of all sizes can be bred to him.
He is homozygote bay (will not produce chestnut).
The first generation of foals SF were born in 2008.And are a real success !
Breeders have come back in greater numbers in 2008 . Over 100 mares.
We have 10 foals born at Brullemail in 2008. We tried him out on some of our best broodmares.
QUALITY TOUCH has a good fertility in frozen and fresh semen.

ETALON disponible en IAC

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