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His sire NOREN (ex GAYSSIRE FLEURY), is a SF, son of the Thoroughbred (ps) SIRE, himself the son of the (ps) MOURNE (grandfather of our pur-sang LAUDANUM).
NOREN started competing in France and was 13th in the 6yr old champinships ridden by Xavier Leredde (behind GALOUBET). Exported to Belgium to Zangersheide, he jumped in CSI-W under the name of SOCRATES Z. Finalist of the World Cup, he was then sold to USA. Once again his name was changed to NOREN and teamed up with the rider Katie Monahann, he became a great international Champion winning the Horse of the Year 1982 , 10 Grand Prix International in 3 seasons, 9th in the World Cup 1983 etc…
NOREN has produced only dozen or so foals every year when he started to breed in his short stallion career from (1987-1992). He is the sire of ALLIGATOR FONTAINE (ISO 190), of CRAKERJACK ex BEGUIN DU PAS good winner in CSI in the USA, and in France the excellent winners BARON DU PERCHER (ISO149), EDEN DU THAL (ISO 150), FILLE DE NOREN (ISO 153), Arene de Garmeaux (ISO 133, CSI), Best Bride (ISO 136, CSI), Chabgar Mail (ISO 140, CSI), Chernoren de la Ji (Finaliste 6 ans, ISO 131), Dabgar Mail (ISO 132), Djamel (ISO 136), Fleuron du Plessis (Finalist 6yrs, ISO 138), etc.

NIGHTY FONTAINE, the dam of ALLIGATOR FONTAINE, is dark bay mare 7/8th's pur-sang. She is a daughter of the Pur-Sang DARK TIGER, father of international winners in CSI & CCI. NIGHTY is none other than the direct sister of the famous stallion performer I LOVE YOU (winner of the World Cup 1983);
She has also produced 2 other intenational winners:
- Frisco Mail (Hand In Glove ps) CSI at 7 yrs.
- FRASCATOR MAIL (Jalisco B), vice champion stallions 7 yrs old 2000, top winner in CSIO with Patrice Delaveau and the French Team(160th Mondial WBFSH).

His grand dam ELYRIA is the mother of I LOVE YOU (Almé) who was also Horse of the Year "in the USA the same year as his World Cup victory, and vice champion of the World Cup the following year in1984, father of international winner like ; JOLLY GOOD (Almé) winner in CSIO in USA, World record for the Puissance indoor. And Olympic horse with the russian rider,in Beijing 2008.

His 3rd dam L'ECHAPPÉE was a black mare, Pur-Sang, and daughter of the good stallion TRESOR.

ALLIGATOR FONTAINE is the only stallion where his father and uncle were both Horse of the Year.


ETALON categorie "ELITE":

Seulement IAC.

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ALLIGATOR FONTAINE was a great performing stallion.
He didn't compete very much at 4 and 5 but was a revelation at 6 when ridden by Pascale Wittmer.
At 7 yrs old ALLIGATOR was ridden by Michel Robert. And was regularly classed in National and grand prix.
He was the best stallion of his age group at 8 & 9 by the ISO index winning in CSI and CSIO at Blaye (Ist Grand Prix), Dublin, Dinard,Deauville, Hickstead (Won the Speed Derby), Gijon, Jardy, Jerez, Paris-Champ de Mars and La Baule.
His career was interupted at the end of 1997 when he contracted the Leptospirose.
In 1998, ALLIGATOR , changed riders and was put in the reins of ERIC NAVET. The day before there first show together hte groom had an accident with him. So ALLIGATOR and Eric didn' start to compete together until june 1998.
But from 10 to 11yrs old they were at AACHEN (2nd 3times), CANNES,DEAUVILLE(2 wins), CAEN(Winner of the Master Stallions), PARIS -BERCY, MODENA,GENEVA,JARDY(won the GP), BORDEAUX(2 wins plus 2nd in the SIRES OF THE WORLD 1999), LA BAULE (2nd in the DERBY 1999 & 2000), VICHY(1st Derby & 2nd GP), FONTAINBLEAU where he won the grand title of FRENCH CHAMPION 1999.
He was voted the best performing stallion of 1999. The same year he obtained the jumping index of ISO:190, the highest score ever recorded and yet to be beaten by any other horse or stallion!

At the age of 12, in 2000, ALLIGATOR won 16 international events in only 13 CSI or CSIO shows.... an amazing record !
IN 2001, at 13 years old, ALLGATOR won another 8 events in international shows and was 2nd in the Derbyat Dinard.
All together ALLIGATOR won over 1,5millions Francs in prize money.

In 2002, at the age of 14, ALLGATOR took a year off! He came back to Brullemail to breed with fresh semen, only to pick up the jumping at the end of the year. After 11 months away form the top international circuit he won the very first day at St Lô and was 2nd the next day !
From 2003-2004 was ridden by the daughter of his breeder Sophie Coutureau-Pelissier at the end of the breeding season.
In 2006 it was the young and talented new rider Penelope Leprevost who took him out to jump with several wins. At the end of 2006 after a season in ARGENTINA at La Magia Stud, ALLIGATOR left for Sweden to Flyinge where he still is today.

ALLIGATOR has proven that he had a formidable sport horse career.
It goes to show not only his physical but also his great mental strength, which is the making of this amazing and exceptional horse.


ALLIGATOR FONTAINE  started breeding in 1994.
ALLIGATOR FONTAINE had 5, 4yr olds products qualified for the final 2000, which placed him amongst the stallion revelations of his generation. He is classed 3rd Young Stallion father of 4yr olds (breedindg between 1994 & 1995) in 2000.
ALLIGATOR FONTAINE is the proud sire of the mare JALISCA SOLIER (dam: Dune Solier x Jalisco) born in Normandy.
This mare was bronze medalist at the french ladies Championship show 2005 with Pénéloppe Leprevost. Hubert Bourdy & Jan Tops bought her later.
Now she is competing with the talented Swiss rider Steve Guerdat, owned by his sponsor Piaget.
She won her first CSI Grand Prix, was 3rd of the big course (1m50) at Bruxelles CSI 5* organised by the Pessoa family.
Was 4th in the CSIW P aris Grand Prix and won the World Cup Grand Prix in Geneva in December 2006 and then the World Cup GP in Vigo 2007.
In 2008 they were chosen for the Swiss team at the Beijing Olympics and won the Bronze team Medal & 10th in individual. She won the Gold team Medal at the European Championship 2009. She won the WORLD TOP 10 in Geneva 2010. ISO 184 (top jumping index)
Steve Guerdat says : " I love her, she jumps so well and she gives me everything ! "

Every year ALLIGATOR had several products qualified for the young horse finals in Fontainebleau.
His best products are :
Indien d'Orgères ISO 129, Ici le Moulin, ISO 132, Igator de l'Abbaye ISO 139, Isidore du Boquet ISO 128, Idalgo Gesmeraye ISO 121, Izoard ISO 125, Icare de Boisy ISO 130, Iguane de Champblanc ISO 120, JALISCA SOLIER CSIO, ISO 184, JAIPUR DE BREVE ISO 145, Jalligator des Bois CSI, ISO 135, Katchina de Mars ISO 125, Kinée du Miral ISO 138, CSI, Kiss Me Sun ISO 125, Kochise de Bobois ISO 122, Kroc'Odile de la Loge ISO 132, Keops des Essarts ISO 122, Kigali des Violettes ELITE à 4 ans ISO 131,Kochise du Bobois ISO 120, Koeur d'Arville ISO 128, Laurazur 2e des 5 ans en Espagne, CSI, ISO 132, Lovestory de Boisy ISO 135, LOREN MAI ISO 142, Magic d'Orchies ISO 124, Mouche Hoy ISO 120, MYSTERE DE SERVOLE ISO 146, CSI in Spaign, Moonlight d'Agnoun ISO 120, Magic d'Orchis ISO 124, Noe des Tourelles ISO 136, NEBELLE DES AUBUIS ICC 144, Narratio ISO 121, NAHLA DE VIRGINIA ISO 142, OTELLO DU SOLEIL CSIO (196e WBFSH ranking 2012), Prima du Breuil ISO 125 à 5 ans, Palligator du Buguet ICC 127 à 5 ans, Pethrus du Sus ISO 127, Prize Money ISO 120, Perla Mail ISO 132, Peanut's Kehoe ISO 124, Quatbalou de Boisy ISO 128, QUITTOUDOUBLE DE BOISY CSI, ISO 138, Qing Mail ICC 120,  RACKAM D'AUN,IS CSI in USA, Rex de Vauptain finaliste des 4 & 5 ans ISO 126, Roxy Music finaliste des 4 et 5 ans ISO 128, Royalty du Chalet ISO 121, Rythmique du Sery Finaliste des 5 ans ISO 120, Salvado de Tornety finaliste des 4 ans, Vaillante ISO 123, Talissa Mail ISO 122, etc.

ALLIGATOR FONTAINE is in the TOP 100 WBFSH ranking for the best stallions in the World in 2010.

In 2003 the supreme Champion of Argentina under the german judge Dr Haring was an ALLIGATOR yearling filly and still in 2009 the 3 yr old stallion Champion under breeder G. Levallois was a son of ALLIGATOR.
In 2003 the Champion foal in ITALY was by Alligator. In 2004 one of his daughters was 3rd in the 3 yr old Championships in France.

There are also foals of ALLIGATOR born in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Cztech Republic, USA …
ALLIGATOR FONTAINE is classed amongst the 200 best stallions in the world (Breeding News).

After 3 breeding seasons in Sweden, ALLIGATOR came back to  France in October 2009.

ALLIGATOR FONTAINE is an excellent sire of dams.

In 2013, our 3 jumping international winners in the World ranking have dams out of ALLIGATOR : ORNELLA MAIL HDC, QUICK STEP MAIL and QUARTO MAIL.
PHOTOS: 1 Alligator & Nighty. 2 Jalisca Solier. 3 Loren Mail . 4 Tatabra Rochester. 5 Musique Mail . 6 Nocturne Mail . 7 Pashmina (Ch).

ALLIGATOR FONTAINE is a magnificent sport horse and an amazing international stallion to be reckoned with. His most extraordinary eyes express the courage and frankness of this exceptional horse.
ALLIGATOR is a tall horse (1m75) with blood, amplitude, range, an excellent and strong backline, a very nice shoulder, and a beautiful neck supporting his ever so expressive head.
He has lovely well balanced legs. His hocks are slightly closed, joined to his back right which is a little askew.
When he moves , his trot is active but could be a little more ample(he gets this from his sire NOREN).
His walk is ample. Even if some times he might loose his gallop, ALLIGATOR has an enormous amplitude and a huge action. He is an extremely fast horse. This is why he won so many events and was called the fastest horse in Europe.
ALLIGATOR was quite a late developer. He started to shine at the age of 6. His offspring are usually like their father, pretty late also. So you must be patient with them!

During the first years when we bred ALLIGATOR we used mostly mares with just a little blood "demi-sang". This was a mistake. ALLIGATOR has far better results when crossing him with medium or small size mares who have a lot of blood.
Some SF or KWPN with lots of blood, Anglo Arabes and also Thoroughbred mares.
Breeding Tips
"ALLIGATOR FONTAINE corresponds particularly well to sporty mares of an average size, type SF, AA, or KWPN requiring a stallion with lots of " RAYON ". Some of his larger foals, like him, can be late developers and deserve that you take your time. Dont forget that ALLIGATOR and his younger brother FRASCATOR were late bloomers but have both gone on to become International Champions.
The pedigree of ALLIGATOR FONTAINE goes off the well trodden path, allowing a new and richer genetic choice for producing sporthorses, as he is completely free of the blood of ALME, Uriel or Grand Veneur and brings the precious bloodlines of Mourne and Nasrullah.
His products are proving their father as a good sire and many riders often say that they like his horses for their good characters and their easiness to work. You should not worry about breeding him with mares who have already a lot of blood. We have some gorgeous products at home. Come and sees them.

November the first : ALLIGATOR just comes back home to Brullemail.

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